How to Identify Norelco Shaver Model

How to Identify Norelco Shaver Model

Philips Company was introduced by Gerard Philips and by his father Frederik in year 1891. Philips Norelco shavers were made in Eindhoven, Netherlands on 15 may 1891. Greg c. garland is CEO and chairman of Philips.How to Identify Norelco Shaver Model

Who looked after manufacturing logistics etc. The CFO that is chief financial officer of Phillips is during 1960 to 1968 was CorDillan and present in 2015 is Abhijit Bhattacharya.  In 1930 the first shaver was introduced and it was simply called as Phillishave. And later on, it was called as Norelco.

Philips electrical

  • Philips was introduced in Kolkata in the year 1930 and was established as Philips electrical co. (India) private limited. Philipsstarted manufacturing radios in Kolkata.
  • Philips also introduced second factory in Pune in the year 1959. But due to some obstacles it was closed and sold in the year 2006.
  • Philips has spread all over India, Mexico, United States, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Israel, Pakistan, France, Greece, Italy, Poland,Germany (it was founded in Berlin in the year 1926)
  • Philips, Norelco brand was introduced by john p. Thompson in the year 1932. Norelco is a American brand. In 1940 the name wasPhalcon and then legally it went on using a name Philips. Philips was introduced in United States.

Making of electric shavers

  • In 1939 Philips begin to Start Making electric shavers. The World War 2 was delayed in 1948 and the 2 headed model was not introduced in 1951 aproduct was not successful.
  • In 2006 Philips came up with Norelco for shaving male bodies. The advertisement was done in science fiction series which were directed by Bruno Avellane called as robot skin in 2007.
  • In 2005 Philips started co-branding their products. Magnavox Company was purchase by Philips.
  • Norelco Philips is divided into two divisions as a costumer health and well-being.

Locating and identifying the model number

Every electric appliance has a casing over it and it is simply identified by model numbers we can take as an ex; of Phillips Norelco shaver model.

  • To start up with the best place for identifying is front of the shaver it is a common place where you can identify the model by its model number. For ex; in Philips shaver model 4-digit number is located under the bed.
  • Some times in case you won’t able to get model number so you can go on search box that means the packaging box of product and can search for model number.
  • Sometimes in case it is not necessary that you will get model number on top of the product. But sometimes the number is also located in pop out trimmer attachment of your shaver.
  • In case to know about that where the old Philips Norelco shaver does have model number to identify it so it is located under the Nivea cartridge. Commonly in older shaver’s model number is located under the head guard of a product or brand.
  • Shavers contains some serials number like 9,6, and 5-digit numbers.

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Identification Norelco shaver model is very easy for you, if you are a regular user. But if you are beginners then it takes time to understand the actual model number. Check properly before buying the product.