How to clean Norelco shaver

How to clean Norelco shaver

Norelco is made by Philips which is brand name known for electric shavers and also some other products for personal care. Initially,Philisave trademark was the name used by Philips till 2006 then after that it was dropped. And started using the name, Philips.How to clean Norelco shaver

Philips made their first electric shaver in the year 1939. It became successful when they launched a two-headed model in the year 1951.

Features of Norelco:

  • Shaving Unit
  • Charging indicator: It shows the level of battery at which it is charged.
  • Left percentage of battery: It is Represented by the No of lights which are On.
  • Electronic on-off button
  • Personal comfort setting bar: one can choose the speed setting that best fit for their skin.
  • Cleaning indicator: the blinking light will indicate that the shaving unit must be cleaned.
  • Travel lock: when you will not use the shaver for a longer time or when you are traveling.
  • Multi-level display
  • Shaver holder
  • Replacement shaving unit indicator
  • Drying indicator
  • Blocked shaving head indicator
  • Cleaning cartridge replacement indicator
  • Cleaning cartridge release button,etc

The process to sharpen the shaver:

  • Remove the shaver head from machine.
  • Then The cutters from the head must be removed.
  • Clean the head and cutters.
  • Remove the cutter from shield screen
  • Sharp the blades on the glass.
  • Now replace the parts as before.


  • Must clean your shaver after each use.
  • Better results are obtained when regular cleaning is done.
  • Don’t clean or remove the shaving unit when shaver in on or when a motor is working.
  • Don’t apply pressure on the shaver heads.
  • Never use shaver if the head comb is damaged which can lead to a facial injury.

There are different cleaning of various parts such as :

  • Cleaning shaving unit
  • Cleaning the trimmer
  • Cleaning the shaver

Steps for cleaning:

The Philips Norelco shaver is the most grooming part which is sold by Philips. If one wants to get the clean shave,it must be cleaned on a regular basis.

First, open the shaver head and tap it slowly. It helps us to remove the small hairs to separate from the shaver head.

The brush that comes with the shaver is used to clean the remaining hairs inside the shaver. Clean the shaver using water it helps to remove the dirt completely.

Disassemble the machine including head and blades. clean it using warm water and after cleaning reassemble the parts.


Firstly remove the shaver from the system before cleaning the machine. It can be cleaned using a damp cloth. The setting much be checked when cleaning washable parts using water.


It can be stored in a travel pouch. Make sure if the shaver is turned off or not. The charging cord should be removed before placing it in a safe and dry location. Do not place the machine where it can be in contact with water or other chemicals.

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So when the shaver is regularly cleaned and maintained it increases the lifespan of the machine. As it is not so difficult to clean it is mostly preferred by the people.