How to check CVS schedule

How to check CVS schedule

CVS health corporation, is basically the America based health care company. This company also owns CVS Caremark CVS pharmacy, the chain of retail pharmacy whose headquarter located in Rhode Island (Woonsocket).

How to check CVS schedule

This CVS health care store was founded in year 1963.initially this store was started as the business chain of health and beauty products but after that there is addition of pharmacies.

Subsidiaries of CVS health care:

  1. CVS pharmacy.
  2. CVS speciality.
  3. CVS Caremark.
  4. Minute clinic.
  5. Drogaria Onofre.
  6. Store brands and private label brands.

Holiday Schedules of CVS health care store:

CVS health care is generally open at 8am to midnight on some public holidays and provide their services to their customers.

Also, on these mentioned public holidays CVS health care pays to their full-time employees which includes:

  1. New Year’s Day,
  2. Memorial Day,
  3. 4th July,
  4. Veterans day,
  5. Thanks giving day,
  6. Christmas,
  7. Labor Day.
  8. Christmas (20th to 25th December).

CVS schedule of working:

CVS has their different guidelines for their full time and half-time workers.

As for the full-time workers worked in CVS health care store compulsion is, they have to work for total 30 hours for week. And they do not have option of work from home.

They have to work generally about 4 to 6 hours a day. And in DFW area hours of operation in CVS Health care store is from 8 am to 10 pm.

CVS flexible hours schedule:

CVS health care allows many of their employees to set their own hours, and employee’s loves this concept of flexible hours as it helps employees to avoid compromises between the home and work.

These flexible hours help employee’s works in CVS health care to work according to their time.

But this feature of flexible hours helps imposes schedule their office hours on various demands on their time, giving them self-control over their own lives and accomplish more.

CVS sick leave policy:

As, according to CVS health care store’s sick leave policy their employees get about 40 hours of sick pay per year, as once it runs out you have to simply call out or get written up.

Recently, in LA there is new concept emerge like “leave of absence” is not paid but employee can able to get roughly near about 6 to 12 weeks in emergency.

Ways to check schedule of CVS health care store:

There are different options for confirmation of schedule of Walmart:

  1. By direct contact to their customer service.
  2. By email to official their customer service email ID.
  3. By using social media.
  4. By using mobile application named as “my schedule”

For checking CVS scheduling from “my schedule app” you need to follow the below procedures:

  1. First of all, visit the official CVS website.
  2. As, page has loaded fully, enter the Login ID.
  3. After that, enter the password.
  4. After that Click on “Login ID”.
  5. Click on the button of “scheduling and time keeping”.
  6. At last click on the “View My schedule”.

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CVS health care has provided many service and facilities to their customers as well as their employee’s for work better. There is also additional feature of flexible hours which indirectly helps in improving efficiency of the store.

How to put a Remington shaver back together

How to put a Remington shaver back together

Remington shaver is one of the electric shavers. The electric shaver or razor are used for shaving which does not require any kind of shaving cream or gel or water. At any occasion, it only takes a few time for shaving with the help of electric shaver. It is mostly operated using dc(direct current) motor. John f. O’Rouke developed the first electric razor in the year 1898.How to put a Remington shaver back together

There are two types of electric shavers: foil shavers and rotary shavers. The people having less time for shaving, they prefer electric shaver for faster performance. People having sensitive skin also uses these shavers.

The standard razors require more maintenance than an electric razor and they need to buy cartridges to refill whereas for electric shavers it is not required.

Rotary Shaver :

The rotary shaver mainly consists of three heads. So it helps people to get rid of facial hair. This shaver is mostly used when a person doesn’t want to shave on a regular basis. With the help of this rotary shaver, one can get shaved completely with a circular motion so it helps to get deep roots which can not be easily removed.

If a person wants a rotary shaver, they must select one with a rotating head . so good quality of shaver is preferred which will last for a longer time if one spends some extra money.

Rotary shavers are not used when a person wants to give a particular shape to a beard. Precision is not expected when using the rotary shaver.

Foil Shaver:

The thin foils are used to cover the blades hence their name Foil Shavers.Foil heads contain cutters which are also known as oscillating blades.Shaving in the straight line is the most recommended technique of foil shaver.

Foil shavers are known for their fast shave. As because of the movement of shaver from one side of the face to others. It can do shaving of short and thin hairs so as to get clean as well as a smooth shave.

Remington electric shavers:

Thesearenothing but one kind of rotary electric shaver. This shaver has different parts such as

  • Head and cutter assembly
  • Head release button
  • charging indicator
  • On-Off button
  • Pop Up trimmer Precision plus heads
  • Power adapter
  • Charge stands

Cleaning and care of Remington shaver:

When cleaning one cannot use detergents and chemicals,it should be cleaned with a cloth. While cleaning, dry the surface of shaver using a dry cotton cloth only.

Daily Care:

  • the head assembly opens when you press the release button on the shaver.
  • Remove the excess hair shaving in the shaver.
  • Wash the shaver head using water
  • Dry the shaver head.
  • Before using shaver fix the shaver head again then start using it.

The company suggests changing the shaver head every year. One can easily get to know when to replace the parts as when they are facing skin issues or irritation.

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As Remington electric shaver is a rotary shaver it is best recommended for the people as it has many advantages over others.

How to open Remington shaver

How to open Remington shaver

Remington shaver is one of the electric shavers.It only takes a few time for shaving with the help of electric shaver.  Remington isa manufacturer as well as the distributor of various personal care products for men and women and travel appliances.How to open Remington shaver

The standard razors require more maintenance than an electric razor and they need to buy cartridges to refill whereas for electric shavers it is not required.

History of Remington:

Remington is a private sector company. Victor Kiam was the owner of the company. Initially, he started a watch company and in the year 1979, he took over the Remington and became an owner of 44% shares. Remington distributes its products worldwide. The company’s operations and sales network have their branches in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, and Australia.

The various Remington products are shavers, scissors, knives, etc. they sell their products through retailing or merchandisers. They have around 80 stores in united states, the United Kingdom and Canada.They mainly sell their products through leading stores or retailers.

Features of Remington:

This shaver has different parts such as

  1. Head and cutter assembly
  2. Head release button
  3. charging indicator
  4. On-Off button
  5. Pop Up trimmer Precision plus heads
  6. Power adapter
  7. Charge stands

Taking care of Remington shaver:

On a daily basis:

  1. the head assembly opens when you press the release button on the shaver.
  2. Remove the excess hair shaving in the shaver.
  3. Wash the shaver head using water
  4. Dry the shaver head.
  5. Before using shaver fix the shaver head again then start using it.

On a weekly basis:

  1. On pressing release button head assembly opens, then remove the hairs in the shaver.
  2. Remove the cover from the head assembly.
  3. The inner cutter assembly in the cutters must be removed and then remove the cutter.
  4. Wash these cutters with water and soak it with the cloth.
  5. Again replace the cutter and cutter assembly as previously placed.
  6. Apply some oil to the cutter.
  7. Again close the head assembly and shaver is ready to use.

Removing rechargeable batteries:

  1. Remove the shaver from the plug.
  2. Remove the shaver head using a release button.
  3. Use a screwdriver to remove the cover in the front.there are four screws in the front to remove.
  4. Then remove the back cover with the help of which we can take out the batteries.
  5. Remove the batteries from the shaver.
  6. Discard the batteries.

Remington suggests replacing the shaver head in the shaving machine every 12 to 18 months. If a person having a problem of skin irritation or shaver has got some problem then its time to change the foil or rotary as per your type of shaver. And when replacement is done it works as a new product and which feels better to the skin of the person. The parts you need to replace are also made available on the company website.

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Remington has unique and user-friendly features as tested and compared with other company products. They also offer the product in an affordable range. And its maintenance and cleaning are also easy as it is not so hard to disassemble.

How to Identify Norelco Shaver Model

How to Identify Norelco Shaver Model

Philips Company was introduced by Gerard Philips and by his father Frederik in year 1891. Philips Norelco shavers were made in Eindhoven, Netherlands on 15 may 1891. Greg c. garland is CEO and chairman of Philips.How to Identify Norelco Shaver Model

Who looked after manufacturing logistics etc. The CFO that is chief financial officer of Phillips is during 1960 to 1968 was CorDillan and present in 2015 is Abhijit Bhattacharya.  In 1930 the first shaver was introduced and it was simply called as Phillishave. And later on, it was called as Norelco.

Philips electrical

  • Philips was introduced in Kolkata in the year 1930 and was established as Philips electrical co. (India) private limited. Philipsstarted manufacturing radios in Kolkata.
  • Philips also introduced second factory in Pune in the year 1959. But due to some obstacles it was closed and sold in the year 2006.
  • Philips has spread all over India, Mexico, United States, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Israel, Pakistan, France, Greece, Italy, Poland,Germany (it was founded in Berlin in the year 1926)
  • Philips, Norelco brand was introduced by john p. Thompson in the year 1932. Norelco is a American brand. In 1940 the name wasPhalcon and then legally it went on using a name Philips. Philips was introduced in United States.

Making of electric shavers

  • In 1939 Philips begin to Start Making electric shavers. The World War 2 was delayed in 1948 and the 2 headed model was not introduced in 1951 aproduct was not successful.
  • In 2006 Philips came up with Norelco for shaving male bodies. The advertisement was done in science fiction series which were directed by Bruno Avellane called as robot skin in 2007.
  • In 2005 Philips started co-branding their products. Magnavox Company was purchase by Philips.
  • Norelco Philips is divided into two divisions as a costumer health and well-being.

Locating and identifying the model number

Every electric appliance has a casing over it and it is simply identified by model numbers we can take as an ex; of Phillips Norelco shaver model.

  • To start up with the best place for identifying is front of the shaver it is a common place where you can identify the model by its model number. For ex; in Philips shaver model 4-digit number is located under the bed.
  • Some times in case you won’t able to get model number so you can go on search box that means the packaging box of product and can search for model number.
  • Sometimes in case it is not necessary that you will get model number on top of the product. But sometimes the number is also located in pop out trimmer attachment of your shaver.
  • In case to know about that where the old Philips Norelco shaver does have model number to identify it so it is located under the Nivea cartridge. Commonly in older shaver’s model number is located under the head guard of a product or brand.
  • Shavers contains some serials number like 9,6, and 5-digit numbers.

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Identification Norelco shaver model is very easy for you, if you are a regular user. But if you are beginners then it takes time to understand the actual model number. Check properly before buying the product.

How to clean Philips Norelco shaver

How to clean Philips Norelco shaver

Philips Norelco shaver is one of the best shavers of the Philips. It is convenient and comfortable, but in order to maintain the comfort you have to clean the shaver regularly. In the event that you have a Philips Shaver from the arrangement of the particular series adhere to the basic cleaning directions sketched out underneath.How to clean Philips Norelco shaver

Cleaning guidelines for Philips Shaver arrangement

  • On the off chance that your Philips Shaver has a place with the arrangement S5000 and S6000 adhere to the cleaning directions beneath.
  • Turn on your Philips Shaver and flush it with warm water for in any event 30 seconds.
  • Press the discharge catch to open the shaving head.
  • Wash the shaving head holder under warm running water.
  • Cautiously shake off overabundance water and keep the shaving head holder open until it is totally dry. When dried you can close the shaving head holder, ensuring you hear a tick.

Cleaning directions for two-headed Philips Shavers

  • In the event that you have a two-headed Philips Shaver adhere to the cleaning directions underneath.
  • Draw off the shaving head from your Philips Shaver.
  • Wash the shaving head under a warm water tap for in any event 30 seconds.
  • Shake off the overabundance water from the shaving head and let it air dry.
  • Press the discharge catch to open the top piece of the shaving head and force it off the shaving head. Wash it with water and snap it back on the shaving head once it is perfect and dry.
  • When the shaving head is totally dry, reattach it to your Philips Shaver.

Cleaning directions for two-headed Philips Shavers

  • Cleaning the snap on connections of Philips Shavers, A few Philips Shavers accompany click-on connections like a facial hair styler, or a cleaning brush. It is imperative to keep these connections clean.
  • You can pull them off your shaver and flush them with some warm water. When they are spotless and dry, they can be reassembled on your shaver.
  • For subtleties on the connections that accompany your shaver and how to clean them, kindly allude to the client manual.

Cleaning Philips Shaver with a Philips Smart Clean framework

  • A few Philips Shavers can be cleaned in the Philips Smart Clean framework. If it’s not too much trouble see the directions beneath on the best way to clean your shaver in the Smart Clean framework.
  • Wash the shaver under a warm water tap and shake off abundance water from it.
  • Press the top piece of your Philips Smart Clean framework to open the zone where you can put your shaver.
  • Hold your shaver pointing towards the Smart Clean framework and spot it in the Smart Clean holder.
  • Tilt the shaver in reverse and press down the top of the Smart Clean framework until you hear a tick sound, affirming that the shaver is secured.
  • Press the on/off catch on the Smart Clean framework to begin the cleaning program. You will see a cleaning image squinting on the Smart Clean framework affirming that the cleaning system is working.

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Philips Norelco shaver can be cleaned in various ways which are mentioned above. Just follow it maintain the durability of the shaver.

How to clean Norelco shaver

How to clean Norelco shaver

Norelco is made by Philips which is brand name known for electric shavers and also some other products for personal care. Initially,Philisave trademark was the name used by Philips till 2006 then after that it was dropped. And started using the name, Philips.How to clean Norelco shaver

Philips made their first electric shaver in the year 1939. It became successful when they launched a two-headed model in the year 1951.

Features of Norelco:

  • Shaving Unit
  • Charging indicator: It shows the level of battery at which it is charged.
  • Left percentage of battery: It is Represented by the No of lights which are On.
  • Electronic on-off button
  • Personal comfort setting bar: one can choose the speed setting that best fit for their skin.
  • Cleaning indicator: the blinking light will indicate that the shaving unit must be cleaned.
  • Travel lock: when you will not use the shaver for a longer time or when you are traveling.
  • Multi-level display
  • Shaver holder
  • Replacement shaving unit indicator
  • Drying indicator
  • Blocked shaving head indicator
  • Cleaning cartridge replacement indicator
  • Cleaning cartridge release button,etc

The process to sharpen the shaver:

  • Remove the shaver head from machine.
  • Then The cutters from the head must be removed.
  • Clean the head and cutters.
  • Remove the cutter from shield screen
  • Sharp the blades on the glass.
  • Now replace the parts as before.


  • Must clean your shaver after each use.
  • Better results are obtained when regular cleaning is done.
  • Don’t clean or remove the shaving unit when shaver in on or when a motor is working.
  • Don’t apply pressure on the shaver heads.
  • Never use shaver if the head comb is damaged which can lead to a facial injury.

There are different cleaning of various parts such as :

  • Cleaning shaving unit
  • Cleaning the trimmer
  • Cleaning the shaver

Steps for cleaning:

The Philips Norelco shaver is the most grooming part which is sold by Philips. If one wants to get the clean shave,it must be cleaned on a regular basis.

First, open the shaver head and tap it slowly. It helps us to remove the small hairs to separate from the shaver head.

The brush that comes with the shaver is used to clean the remaining hairs inside the shaver. Clean the shaver using water it helps to remove the dirt completely.

Disassemble the machine including head and blades. clean it using warm water and after cleaning reassemble the parts.


Firstly remove the shaver from the system before cleaning the machine. It can be cleaned using a damp cloth. The setting much be checked when cleaning washable parts using water.


It can be stored in a travel pouch. Make sure if the shaver is turned off or not. The charging cord should be removed before placing it in a safe and dry location. Do not place the machine where it can be in contact with water or other chemicals.

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So when the shaver is regularly cleaned and maintained it increases the lifespan of the machine. As it is not so difficult to clean it is mostly preferred by the people.